Our Legacy is Built on Loyalty

As a family owned and managed establishment, our legacy is built on good food, drink and loyalty to our guests.  Our chef and professional staff have all been with the Charcoal House for over fifteen years.  Their dedication to our longstanding clientele is palpable.  This skilled staff with their keen attention to detail will remember your favorite wine or cocktail, know you by name, and attentively provide an enjoyable fine dining experience.

The Charcoal House is the original Saint Louis steakhouse.  As an authentic steakhouse, with a welcoming ambiance and fine quality fare the Charcoal House has been providing enjoyment to the Saint Louis community for decades.  If you are craving a mouthwatering steak, or long for something wholesomely different, the Charcoal House is the ideal stopping place for good food and merriment.  When the occasion calls for an easy night out, a business dinner, or special event, we look forward to seeing you at the Charcoal House.