With Origins From the Past, We are Rich in Tradition

The Charcoal House was originally called the Ten Mile House because it is ten miles west of the Mississippi River. In the early 20th century it was a popular stopover for good food, drink and camaraderie for those traveling by horse, to West County.  Built in 1906, it is the oldest steakhouse in Saint Louis, and the landmark building is largely unchanged.

Originally, the Ten Mile House was solely a bar with a nightclub atmosphere.  It was referred to by some as the “biggest little nightclub”, due to its vibrance and famous clientele.  The name was changed to the Charcoal House in 1960.  The building’s exterior  resembles the look and texture of charcoal.  There have been few changes to the building over the years. The only change has been the enclosing of the front porch, which now serves as the dining room.  The  interior is quaint and  reflects a long history of merriment and memories nestled within its cozy surroundings.  The elegant bar, gleaming with fine wines and premium spirits, runs the span of the restaurant.

The Angelos brothers have owned the charcoal House from 1980 to present.  During the years from 1980-1995 it was know for being being a lively piano bar and restaurant.  The Angelos brothers continue this zestful spirit and rich tradition with an engaging approach to fine dining.  The fresh cuisine, along with an accompaniment of  premium wine and spirits and a vibrant atmosphere, assure a special and memorable evening.

Our Food and Fare, for Mouthwatering Enjoyment

As the original Saint Louis steakhouse, we maintain a long tradition of providing fresh wholesome steaks, fish, lamb and side dishes.   With simplicity, we are committed to classic culinary excellence in all of our dishes that are served.  Only the finest ingredients are used in our creations, such as imported olive oil from Kalamata, Greece.  Our chef, with great zeal,  prepares each meal to your individual specifications.

Signature Steaks

Our steaks originate from family owned farms in Iowa and Omaha. These signature steaks are the finest USDA Certified Black Angus Beef®, aged wet for 28 days and char-broiled to perfection.  We offer individually hand cut filets, seven, nine and eleven ounce as a few of our house favorites.  Or you may prefer a flavorful 12 or 16 ounce strip steaks, which is offered, smothered with toasted Roquefort cheese, that is imported from France.

Grass-fed Colorado Lamb

Colorado lamb, both in flavor and texture is superior to any other foreign or domestic lamb.  It is served with an elegant presentation, and an accompaniment of our special house blend of rosemary sauce.

Seafood & Fish From the World’s Deep Seas & Fresh Waters

Seasonal seafood and fish are flown in fresh daily from around the world.  The  salmon comes from the pristine fresh waters of Norway.  Our seasonal Alaskan halibut, when broiled, is perfect for a lighter meal.  From the depth of the South African seas, the sweet meat of the broiled or deep fried lobster tails is a perfect complement to any of our steaks.

Enjoy Fine Wines, Signature Cocktails & Premium Spirits

One of our signature cocktails is the perfect starter to an enjoyable evening.  Then, further enhance your meal with a fine wine.  Our full service bar is stocked abundantly with wines from around the world, along with call and premium brand liquors.  A house speciality that has been nationally recognized is our Charcoal House gin and tonic martini.  It is served in a chilled, rimmed martini glass, garnished with an colossal  green olive that is then, upon request, stuffed abundantly with imported French Roquefort cheese.   Our bartenders are attentive and innovative, so be sure to select your favorite, or request that we create something especially for you.